Markdown Divs in CoderLegion

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Code for different types of Divs to be used are as follows:

<div class="div-green">
<span class="alert-header">Tip:</span>
<span class="alert-body">Your content here..</span>
Tip: Your content here..
<div class="div-red">
<span class="alert-header">Caution:</span>
<span class="alert-body">Your content here..</span>
Caution: Your content here..
<div class="div-blue">
<span class="alert-header">Note:</span>
<span class="alert-body">Your content here..</span>
Note: Your content here..
<div class="div-faq">
<span class="faq-header">FAQ</span>
<span class="faq-body">Your content here..</span>
FAQ Frequently asked questions and answer will go here...
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