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3 0 9 min.
Table of Contents Introduction#introduction What are modules?#what-are-modules What are packages?#what-are-packages Importing Standard Library Modules#importing-standard-library-modules Importing the math module#importing-the-math-module Impor...
posted 2 days ago in Mod & Packages muhammaduzairrazaq 249 points
3 0 12 min.
Effective data analysis and science depend on data visualization. It aids in the identification of patterns, developments, and linkages in data, enabling well-informed choices. Python packages like seaborn and matplotlib facilitate data visualization...
posted Jul 6 in Getting Started Muzzamil Abbas 512 points
3 1 11 min.
Data gathering is made possible via web scraping, which automates the process of extracting information from websites. Powerful libraries like Scrapy, BeautifulSoup, and Selenium, together with its straightforward syntax, make Python the best choice....
posted Jun 27 in Automation Tejas Vaij 560 points
5 1 12 min.
Software normally fails when it becomes so complex that it can no longer provide the additional features needed while remaining error-free. Refactoring is used to improve the code design to make it easier to understand and extensible. If you believe ...
posted Jun 26 in Best Practices Abdul Daim 922 points
8 0 5 min.
This is the continuation of the project on predicting mortality rate with machine learning and PyCaret. The link for the part one can be found below: https://coderlegion.com/307/machine-learning-project-hospital-mortality-prediction-using-machine-l...
posted Jun 22 in Python Onumaku C Victory 377 points
5 4 4 min.
As an experienced software developer, I've navigated myriad challenges while constructing robust applications. One persistent issue that can severely impact an application's performance is memory leaks. These leaks can degrade the user experience by...
posted Jun 22 in JavaScript Ahammad kabeer 158 points
3 1 10 min.
A. Introduction This article is part 2 of the Basic Operators which examines Logical, Bitwise, Membership and Identity operators. This is a continuation of Part 1 which discusses Arithmetic, Comparison and Assignment operators. Logical operators are...
posted Jun 22 in Python Basics Ferdy 334 points
3 0 6 min.
Encountering the AttributeError 'DataFrame' object has no attribute 'reshape' is common when using Pandas in Python. It happens due to the absence of the reshape attribute within the DataFrame class, especially during reshaping operations. However, y...
posted Jun 20 in Python Honey 157 points
6 1 11 min.
The real challenge lies in writing an efficient code to take care of memory utilization. Python provides the concept of generators and iterators to write memory conscious code which can utilize less memory and provide better results. Generators are s...
posted Jun 19 in Adv Concepts Abdul Daim 922 points
3 0 9 min.
Imagine having a whole abstraction capable of sending email, SMS, or notification to all your users in one place. Prerequisite: Knowledge of either Javascript, ExpressJs or Sails Js and NodeJs. Abstraction, what does it mean? Abstractionhttps://e...
posted Jun 16 caleb erioluwa 130 points
3 1 12 min.
When working with resources in Python, we often perform repetitive tasks such as setting up and closing processes, initializing something, opening and allocating resources, or closing it to free up all the resources. However, we face a memory leak pr...
posted Jun 15 in Adv Concepts Abdul Daim 922 points
5 2 7 min.
In today’s digital world, the need to deploy complex applications seamlessly, and efficiently is important for businesses seeking to stay ahead of the competition. Recently, container technology has become the best solution for engineers and business...
posted Jun 8 in JavaScript Ezekiel Umesi 144 points
8 3 5 min.
We typically use a shared Kafka instance if we are working on Kafka in our local environment. Using a shared Kafka instance is an issue as there could be Kafka consumers listeners, which other development team members could launch on the same topic, ...
posted Jun 8 in Java Amol Gote 162 points
3 0 11 min.
Have you ever wondered why your Python application lags when handling large volumes of data or numerous user requests simultaneously? Or how to run multiple operations in Python without having them interfere with each other? The solution is concurren...
posted Jun 7 in Adv Concepts Abdul Daim 922 points
4 0 4 min.
As a Software Engineer, I would like to deploy my AWS Amplify React project using Terraform so that I can automate my workflow and eliminate any manual intervention during deployment. AWS Amplify is a powerful tool that can help you build and deploy...
posted Jun 6 in JavaScript Adetokunbo Ige 133 points
3 0 4 min.
When building web applications with Next.js, ensuring a smooth and engaging user experience is paramount. Imagine a user clicking on a link, eagerly anticipating the new content, but instead facing a few seconds of uncertainty while the page compiles...
posted Jun 4 in JavaScript George Isiguzo 129 points
4 0 9 min.
Why is safe drinking water important? Access to safe drinking water is essential to health, a basic human right, and a component of effective policy for health protection. This is important as a health and development issue at a national, regional, ...
posted Jun 3 Onumaku C Victory 377 points
5 0 8 min.
In continuation of the data science project on heart attack risk predictor with eval machine learning, we would dive further into different models starting with random forest and then fine tune the best model using eval machine learning. What is eva...
posted Jun 3 in Python Onumaku C Victory 377 points
5 0 4 min.
In continuation of the data science project on water drinking potability prediction using machine learning and H2O auto machine learning. What is water potability? Water potability refers to the quality of water being safe to drink or potable. Por...
posted Jun 3 in Python Onumaku C Victory 377 points
3 1 10 min.
In this comprehensive guide, we embark on a journey into the realm of task automation using Python1. We'll explore how Python can streamline workflows by automating repetitive tasks. From setup to practical examples, you'll learn essential libraries,...
posted Jun 2 in Automation Tejas Vaij 560 points


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